WJPS Year End Sale

The Financial Year End is looming and throughout March we will be offering our clients extra development days at a special price. A lot of clients purchase extra development time from us so hopefully this offer will be of interest to our clients.

The offer we are creating for the year end sale is 5% off 5 Days Development and 10% off 10 Days Development. Please note if you require a different number of days we are able to work with you and offer some discount.

Cost per Development Day


Total Cost


New Price (ex VAT)




5% (£110.00)





10% (£440.00)



The development time needs to be used within the next 12 months, and used in blocks of 15 minutes but there is no other restriction. A development day is 7.5 hours and can be used either on or off site. Development time is often used to add new features to our software to meet your requirement or to further improve a feature of a product inline with how your current process is working. It often speeds up the process of development as time is put aside, even if the development is longer than the hours you have in reserve it means we can start it straight away.

We will need a PO by the 31st March but these will be added to any existing days you already have. If there is anything you would like to discuss then please get in touch with James (james.proctor@wjps.co.uk)

Published: 19/02/2019 Published by: Brandon Kyaw

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