Ingleby Arncliffe Parish Council

Ingleby Arncliffe Parish Council approached WJPS mid 2022, after some concerns arose that their old site did not comply with accessibility guidelines, and was hard to both navigate and update. Their site was well populated and often used and updated, but it seemed the more that was done on the site, the more difficult it got to use. Their old site was designed on Weebly, and like many other Councils, had run into many issues using software that is not purposefully designed for Local Council use.

Ingleby Arncliffe Parish Council

We built them a new site, taking into consideration all accessibility guidelines and how the council want to use their site. The site not only hoasts the Councils information, but also details about groups in the parish, places of interest and local directories. We built the site with usability in mind, making sure each page was formatted so it can be edited and updated quickly and easily. We transferred all information from the old site to the new one, making changes and updates to be sure the content was in its most accessible format. 

On the 1st September 2022, Ingleby Arncliffe Parish Council launched their site. Since then, they have utilised may fantastic WCS features to work for them.  

They have begun using the News Update Sign Up feature, allowing residents to sign up to receive a notification when a news story is added to the site. They also use the events system, giving residents a clear view of any upcoming events taking place in the parish. 


"From our first contact with the company their response was swift and extremely helpful. We were asked for our brief in the building of our website and received a clear description of what to expect. 
Our website content was subsequently transferred smoothly with a number of changes carried out to bring it up to date. In-person training was made available for the Councillors and the Parish Clerk,  and we were reassured that any queries would be swiftly dealt with. Some written documents (crib sheets) were offered to help content editors learn how to add information to their pages.
The new website is attractive and easy to navigate and the Parish Council has received many compliments about it.
We feel confident, that in engaging the services of WJPS, we have done all that we can to comply with the government's accessibility legislation."

- Ingleby Arncliffe Parish Council.