Life of a Plate Video

Over the last couple of months WJP Software Limited (WJPS) have been working with Stockton Quality Control Laboratory (SQCL) to develop a short video that explains the process an Environmental Monitoring Plate goes through from Exposure to Results Release. It shows the best practice in terms of packaging plates to send to labs, and all the checks that should be done with plates before exposing them. The video also shows our Microbiological Reporting System in use, and how it aids the users and staff to access and enter the result data and trending analysis. 

Life of a Plate (Environmental Monitoring) from WJP Software Limited on Vimeo.

The video can act as a great training resource and also a useful insight into the work that Stockton Quality Control Laboratory's do, which often goes unseen, as do the quantities of plates that are sent and processed by the laboratory.

The video was produced as a joint project between SQCL and WJPS, the filming and editing was carried out by Blue Sky Media

Published: 06/07/2016 Published by: James Proctor

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