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The complete Clean-Room Routine Environmental Monitoring solution, for QC Labs and their Aseptic Pharmacy Units.
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The Future of
Environmental Monitoring

The Microbiological Reporting System (MRS) is a complete solution for the routine environmental monitoring and general management of Quality Control Laboratories and the Pharmacy Units that they serve.

Used and trusted by NHS Pharmacy and Regional Quality Control Labs in addition to many private healthcare providers throughout the UK, the system allows for the rapid and accurate entry of environmental monitoring data which can then be analysed and trended.

MRS Version 3 released in early 2021, replaces the longstanding MRS 2 which has seen over a decade of use. Version 3 brings a whole host of additional features to the system, whilst leveraging modern technologies and computing techniques for improved efficiency, ease-of-use, and performance.

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Rapid and Accurate Data Entry

MRS utilises both Barcodes and QR codes for incredibly quick and precise data entry, saving masses of time, and reducing the capacity for human-error.

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Seamless Lab and Customer Integration

QC Lab customers can view the details of their sent plates via a totally integrated web interface, through which they are instantly notified of any exceptional results, and can access a detailed reporting system to aid in spotting potential issues and keep track of historic data.

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Next Level Reporting

Analyse your historic data and easily identify recurring issues with an entire suite of fully customisable reports covering all aspects of your lab.

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Manage Your Lab

Organise everything from within MRS: Chemical Inventories, External Services, Media Products, Internal Documentation and more!

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You Lead The Way

The development of MRS is hugely influenced by our customers, with both regional and national user-groups taking place regularly. These contain sneak-peeks of upcoming features, useful tips and guidance through different aspects of the system, and are a chance to give your input on any changes you would like to see.

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Priority Support

Benefit from truly world-class customer support. All of our support agents are intimately familiar with the software’s ins-and-outs, and the majority of queries are resolved in

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Catch All Errors

A robust, time-proven workflow, with the addition of multiple checking stages severely limits the capacity for data errors to escape unnoticed.

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Fully Compliant

MRS has been designed to fully comply with both GMP and MHRA standards and best practices.

Stockton Quality Control Laboratory (SQCL) have been working with WJPS since 2009. Working inconjunction with them we have added many new features required by a regional QC laboratory. In 2011 SQCL rolled out the system across their laboratory to manage 35 sites.

During this time WJPS has also worked with SQCL to develop a web based reporting system which allows end users to view their results online as soon as they have been processes. It also gives end users the power to generate their own trends.

“Using MRS allows our customers to continually comply with current Good Manufacturing Practice along with standardised reporting, and being able to create quality benchmarks.”

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Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) turned to WJPS for expertise in helping convert a paper based system into a modern sophisticated solution.

Working closely together for 18 months MRS was developed. Originally going live in 2008 BRI have been incredibly pleased with the software which has saved them hours of data entry and helped improve their process and efficiency.

BRI are now able to retrieve up to date accurate information within second rather than the hours it used to take.

“Working with WJPS has been an invaluable experience. We would recommend MRS to any hospital needing a modern and visually appealing reporting system. MRS is continually evolving so it will always be at the forefront of microbiological reporting databases.”

bradford royal infirmary

Leeds Teaching Hospital (LTH) were one of the first Trusts to join us who were already using an existing application to record their environmental monitoring data, rather than an in-house approach. As one of the largest teaching hospitals in the UK, having a modern system that improves process and trending was key.

As part of the implementation we developed a bespoke add-on to help import species level identification information from the pathology system. This process helped remove any manual intervention required to update the results.

As a recent addition to the WJPS customer base, LTH have progressed from an installation, through validation processes and are now using the system in the live environment. The Trust are taking advantage of the Web Reporting interface to reduce the amount of paperwork created, and excess time spent creating reports.

“The MRS system we use has had to be configured to cope with a variety of situations, including licensed batch based areas and unlicensed aseptic and radiopharmacy areas. The installation went smoothly and the initial validation phase was supported by the comprehensive validation scripts provided by WJPS. Overall, our experience of the system has been positive and we have found WJPS to be very flexible and responsive to our needs.”

Leeds Teaching Hospital
Feature MRS 2.5 MRS 3.0
Room management and Plate grouping
Generate standardised, barcoded room-monitoring forms
Quick and Accurate Plate Book-In Process
Enter Results Module
Exception and Alert report generation
Pre-written Standard Comments for Exception Reports
Trending and Reports
Permissions based User Management
Real-time Reporting for QC Lab Customers via MRS Web
Respond to Exception Reports online
Improved and more intuitive User Interface  
Support for Grades attached to Plates  
Room versions with modifiable alert limits  
QR Code Support  
Single failure exception and alert reports  
Streamlined release process  
GMP compliant ‘Request for Analysis’ forms  
Lab Management functionality (Chemical Inventory, External Services, Inspection Dates, Lab Logs .etc)  
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