Bradford Royal Infirmary

Bradford Royal InfirmaryBradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) was our first customer back in 2006 and we still work closely with them today. They turned to WJPS for expertise in helping convert paper based systems into a modern sophisticated solution and were heavily involved in the development of version one of MRS. Working closely together for 18 months the specification and development of MRS were completed and the system went live in 2008. BRI have been incredibly pleased with the software which has saved them hours of data entry and helped improve their process and efficiency. Using MRS they are now able to access up to the minute accurate information within a matter of seconds, rather than the hours it used to take.

BRI have also been heavily involved in the development of the Emergency Box Management system and are currently using the latest version of EBM to manage 500 boxes throughout the trust. The web interface has allowed them to have a much more flexible approach to managing the boxes and they can now check the contents of boxes from any PC in the trust.

We have also worked with BRI on a number of bespoke development projects to help improve ward pharmacy management. 

What our Customers say

Bradford Teaching Hospital

Working with WJPS has been an invaluable experience. We would recommend MRS to any hospital needing a modern and visually appealing reporting system. MRS is continually evolving so it will always be at the forefront of microbiological reporting databases.