Aiskew & Leeming Bar Parish Council

Aiskew & Leeming Bar Parish Council LogoAiskew & Leeming Bar Parish Council launched their site with us in 2015. They wanted a site that was as easy to use as possible, and needed in-depth training in the use of the site. We built them an easy to navigate site, ran multiple training sessions, along with writing a personalised guide on running the day to day aspects of their site.

Add-Ons & Document Folders

The site has Recent Minutes, Upcoming Meetings Agenda, and their upcoming meeting dates all together, by utilising our add-ons & folder display feature, we keep information all on one page, instead of having multiple pages that are sparsely populated. This also keeps the Main Navigation Menu of the site simpler to use, and means that site visitors don't have to skip between too many pages to find related information 


Training is covered in our support package. We offer sessions for anyone who will be updating or adding information to the site. We also run User Groups, where we go through new features, updates, regulations, and take suggestions from our users.We also help Councils get to grips with things like Accessibility and SEO. Aiskew and Leeming Bar Parish Council's Clerk has attended our training sessions and User Groups and has become a pro user of our Software.