Bedale Community Minibus Consultation Case Study

Bedale Community Minibus LogoBedale Community Minibus (BCM) approached WJPS looking for a full site overhaul from our Web Consultation service. They felt that their site was not as easy to navigate as it could be, and as a charity offering a service to the community, usability was a priority. The site is only small, so it fit under our 'Small Site Overhaul' service, for £150. 

Reusable Content

By utilising our 'Add Ons', we created reusable content to display on every page, to make sure important information is easy to find, and simple to update if needed. An Add On is edited from the Add One Editor, and when it is changed, the change applies to anywhere the content is displayed. This helps to avoid wasting time when updating or changing the information, and helps to avoid discrepancies throughout the site. We created a 'Useful Links' Add On, and a 'Contact Details' Add On. 


Screenshot of the sites Useful Links Add On
Useful Links


By using analytics, and consulting with those at Bedale Community Minibus, we chose five links that we felt would be the most viewed. These were links to the History page, the Booking page, the Volunteers page, the Membership page, and the Activities page. This will make it simple and easy for anyone to find the information they need.

Screenshot of the sites Contact information Add On
Contact Information


The Minibus' services are run from their office in Bedale, many of their member sign ups and bookings take place at their office, or over the phone, so making sure their office hours, address, and telephone number easy to find was crucial. Using an add on for this allowed us to display this information on every page. 


Optimising WCS Features

WCS has many helpful features to help you keep your site up to date, clean, and easy to navigate. Often, the more established WCS sites do not include newer features into use, as they have had their site since before we released the features, our Consultation service gives us a chance to optimise these features for our clients.


Recent News Stories


Screenshot of Bedale Community Minibus' Recent News Displayed on their Homepage

During our original Consultation meeting, members of the BCM administration team stated that they were interested in using their News feature more, and writing more content to keep site visitors up to date.

Recently, we designed a new way of displaying recent news stories on pages. Originally, we displayed News stories on the right hand side of the page, on a rolling feed. Now we have added the option to display them directly within the content of the page.

We optimised this feature for Bedale Community Minibus by adding their recent news to their homepage, along with writing some instructional material about how to make the most of WCSs News feature, and directing the team towards some of our News Feature oriented News Stories.

Using Hidden Pages


Screenshot of Bedale Community Minibus' page structure

Along with our News feature, we decided to use another great WCS feature: Hidden Pages.

In our consultation meeting, we chose to keep the Main Navigation Menu as clear and simple as possible, as the average site visitors are older, and may struggle more with navigating a website.

Hidden pages are pages that are visible to the public, but only through the link- meaning that they do not show as an option in the Main Navigation Menu. This helps to keep the site easy to navigate, and avoids unnecessary clutter on the site.

We used this feature for the sites MiDAS Training Page, displaying a link to it from their Volunteering page, as we decided that if a user was looking for the training page, they would most likely look under their Volunteering page



"We were interested in WJPS' Web Consultation Service as we knew our site was not as easy to navigate as we thought it could be. We are very happy with the work undertaken by WJPS, especially their fast response time, understanding of what we were looking for, and quick turn around time. Bee was very helpful in the process, and helped us each step of the way. We are very happy with our sites new look, and would recommend the service to anyone looking for a fresh start on their website too."

- John Knopp, Admin Staff of Bedale Community Minibus.

Published: 20/06/2022 Published by: WJPS

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