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WJPS Emergency Box Management LogoAll hospitals have emergency boxes, or 'Crash Boxes' spread across departments. These are incase anyone needs urgent care, and is unable to be moved across the hospital. 

"Any environment in which a patient may unexpectedly experience a medical emergency needs to have the equipment to deal with that emergency efficiently. That’s the job of a crash cart. A crash cart contains the equipment and medications that would be required to treat a patient in the first thirty minutes or so of a medical emergency." - (Haluka and Munoz, ACLS, 2022.)

Closely managing Crash Boxes is important, medicines can expire and need to be changed. Sometimes medicine batches may also be recalled by the manufacturer, so it is important to know exactly which boxes contain medicine from that batch, to be able to quickly retrieve and replace them. We provide a system to easily manage the contents of emergency boxes, their expiry dates, and their usage.

Our Emergency Box Management (EBM) system was the first product that WJP Software developed in 2003. The current version, EBM 3, uses the latest technology to provide users with a simple web platform for managing crash / emergency boxes. WJPS provide you with an end-to-end solution backed up with on going support and updates. 

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Most recently, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals have chosen EBM for their Crash Box Management. When a new customer choose EBM, we set up their kit types, drugs, and contents of the kits for them, along with creating users so staff can log on as soon as it goes live.

The product allows you to easily find and track crash boxes and alert you to product expiry date, providing you with the information you need at the click of a button. 

EBM Features

  • Create Kit Templates - Setup content templates for all your different kit types, including product name, strength, volume and quantity.
  • Top Up Kits - Enter batch number and expiry dates for all the products in the kit.
  • Track Kits - Issue topped up kits to wards and departments in multiple locations at the click of a button.
  • Recall Batches and Out of Date Kits - See which kits need collecting and where they are currently located.
  • Produce Management Reports - Create management reports to help with ordering of products, see which products are used most regularly and a range of other management information.

Published: 12/05/2022 Published by: WJPS

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