WJPS Say Goodbye to Richmond School Work Experience Student

Eve, our work experience student from Richmond School, is finishing off her time with us today following an insightful and enjoyable week. 

This week Eve has sampled a taste of life in the office and experienced all aspects of the work we do- from Office Management tasks with Jo, Source Control and Collaborative Development with Steven, to learning about the Installation Processes with Toby. Eve has also sat in on demos with James of both our MRS Web and EBM software, along with working with Bee to learn about Customer Support and Website Development using our WCS Software. 

It is important for any student to experience a working environment to help them apply the skills learned in the classroom to a real-life project. We also feel it is important to offer practical and helpful industry knowledge along with trying to attract new talent to the industry. 

Eve and James working together in the WJPS Office

Having Eve in the office brought WJPS a fresh view of our products, while we have offered invaluable industry knowledge. 

Eve's work experience was organised through Richmond School, who we were previously planning to provide work experience for until the Covid pandemic stopped our plans. 

Eve was offered a place at a few different places in the local area, but thought that WJPS "sounded like the most interesting and the most like what I may want to do in the future."

Before her arrival, we planned a project for Eve to undertake- To use WCS to create a website on a topic of her choice. This project would offer practice in many aspects of web design including using Bootstrap code, utilising WCS features, and using HTML in practice.

"I was most interested in the website design aspect of the company as, while I had done a little before, it was something I wanted to get more experience doing." - Eve.

This project also offered vital lessons in web accessibility, using features like Alt-Text to make her website accessible for those using screen readers. Accessibility is becoming one of the most talked about topics in web design at the moment, so starting to think and learn about accessibility early on will hopefully give Eve a step up. 

Relevant work experience prepares students for the next step in their career path. Offering young people experience in an office environment can be helpful in building confidence for them to go out into professional jobs. 

"I liked working in an office environment as while it was quite relaxed, it was still easy to get work done" - Eve.

We have really enjoyed having Eve in the office, and look forward to welcoming more work experience students in the future. We hope Eve returns to begin her second year of Sixth Form with helpful knowledge and transferrable skills.

"Having Eve was fabulous and allowed us to share our knowledge with her, along with exploring what she had already learnt. She was really quick at picking up ideas and how systems worked which was great to see. I'm sure Eve will have a great future in whatever she does, and it's really positive to know it all started at WJPS" - James Procter, Managing Director. 

Published: 15/07/2022 Published by: WJPS

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