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Northallerton School Career Local EmployersLast week, James Proctor our MD went back to a couple of local schools to talk to Year 10 students about careers in IT and help with their Interview technique. He was so impressed he even came away want to give some of the students jobs there and then. He visited Northallerton School and Sixth Form and Bedale High School. Both schools had a slightly different emphasis on what they were aiming to achieve, but though a focus careers day would be good as the student couldn’t attend Work Experience due to COVID.

James was able to talk to them about IT Jobs and running a small-medium sized enterprise. He explained what careers there were in both areas and how to get into them, using the traditional and non-traditional routes. As well as this he was able to give examples of opportunities students should take, and any experiences even when in a job. He was very impressed that students already had a grasp on the routes they would like to go in, even at this early stage.

During the Bedale High School day he was paired up with a reporter from the Sun Newspaper, and it was interesting for the students (and him) to understand that there are different characteristics that different styles of organisation look for during the recruitment.

Overall James found it fascinating that pupils were already thinking about this “When I was at School and College careers weren’t talked about that much, unless you were going to be a Doctor and Solicitor, however today pupils are introduced to a wide range of careers paths early on. This felt like a really important element of their school careers and I came away having learnt a lot. I hope the students learn as much from me about careers in general and wish them all the luck in their chosen career paths”.

All in all, we look forward to doing at again or hosting a Work Experience student, and best of luck to all the students.

Published: 19/07/2021 Published by: James Proctor

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