25 years of the NHS Pharmaceutical Aseptic Services Group

The NHS Pharmaceutical Aseptic Services Group (PASG) are celebrating their 25 year anniversary this month.

Having begun as a small group of hospital pharmacists in 1992, the following 25 year journey has seen PASG undergo several name changes but their remit to develop good practice pharmacy guidelines via shared experiences remains the same. The commitment and conscientiousness of the group has allowed them to develop into the leading authority on matters relating to aseptic and technical services across the nation.

PASG Website

WJPS has been working closely with PASG on their website and discussion forum since 2014. We are delighted to be a part of the PASG journey and ethos, where shared learning can be used to improve patient safety and incident prevention. Here’s to the continuing success of PASG over the next 25 years....

Congratulations PASG on your successful 25 year journey from all of us at WJPS!



Published: 13/11/2017 Published by: Jo Hannington

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