Introducing Enhanced Planning Application Display

In a dynamic leap towards more effective local governance, our Web Communication System (WCS) has recently undergone a transformative update that promises to redefine the way local councils engage with their communities. This groundbreaking enhancement is poised to revolutionise the role of council websites from mere repositories of minutes and agendas to vibrant hubs of vital information, starting with a seamless display of planning applications—an indispensable component of any council's responsibilities.

At the heart of this innovation lies a user-friendly feature designed to empower local councils and parishes with real-time access to crucial planning application data. Gone are the days of sifting through cumbersome lists and manually updating information. Our WCS now effortlessly integrates planning application details directly onto council websites, presenting key information such as addresses, dates, decisions, and interactive maps for pinpointing application locations.

The driving force behind this transformation is our partnership with, a data powerhouse that scours numerous planning portals to consolidate and deliver comprehensive, searchable information. The result? A unified, up-to-date resource that eliminates the arduous task of data curation and ensures that councils are equipped with the latest insights effortlessly.

A game-changer in local governance, this feature comes replete with practicality. Imagine a council website that not only conveys essential administrative matters but actively engages with its audience on matters of paramount importance. Council members and clerks are now unburdened from the responsibility of constant updates, freeing them to focus on more meaningful interactions with their constituents.

Taking personalisation to the next level, our WCS allows councils to define the geographical scope of displayed applications, ensuring that the information remains relevant and specific to the locality. This intelligent integration underscores our commitment to tailored solutions that serve the unique needs of each community.

James Proctor, our Managing Director, "This leap towards showcasing planning applications underscores our dedication to purpose-driven council websites. It's about providing an indispensable tool that serves as a vital bridge between local governance and community engagement."

At the core of WCS is simplicity—simplicity that transforms the daunting task of website management into a breeze. Just as editing a page requires no advanced skills, wielding WCS to craft and curate your council's online presence is equally effortless. WCS boasts an accessible platform that marries a robust document management system with intuitive council profiles, all the while empowering councils to easily manage their websites.

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Published: 25/08/2023 Published by: WJPS

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