MRS implemented in GenesisCare

WJP Software Limited has announced that their in house Microbiological Reporting System (MRS) will be implemented in GenesisCare, the world's leading specialist private cancer provider.

GenesisCare will go live with MRS in their centre in Windsor and becomes the first private healthcare provider to use the system. The software, which is a bespoke specialist system for Pharmacy and RadioPharmacy units, is already used by just under 50% of NHS Quality Control and Aseptic Labs throughout the UK providing a cost and time effective solution within the patient safety process. The software has been developed to provide a trending and reporting system allowing users the information to make evidence-based decisions when narrowing down on touchpoints offering a route cause analysis. This gives pharmacy units the opportunity for results to be available in real-time meaning Accountable Pharmacists can act quickly to protect patient safety, which is integral when dealing with patients with low immune systems such as those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

James Proctor, Managing Director of WJP Software Limited said ‘this is an exciting project to work with and we are thrilled that GenesisCare came to us. GenesisCare is in the top 1% of healthcare providers and is committed to leading the change in how care is designed and delivered and have over 190 centres worldwide. We have spent a number of years developing and enhancing the software and with our close collaboration with the NHS we have created a software that supports the integral and specialist work Pharmacy departments do within the patient safety objective’.

Emma Spellman, Head of Theranostics and Imaging - UK at GenesisCare said “We are delighted to be working with WJP Software limited to provide a software solution that supports our mission of delivering high quality, safe and effective cancer care to all our patients. The solution is implemented in our first UK radiopharmacy and gives our pharmacy units the opportunity for results to be available in real-time”

Published: 03/02/2020 Published by: Rebecca Proctor

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