Unitary Councils and WCS

With the government announcement that North Yorkshire will soon be a unitary council, we have been taking a look at what that means for town and parish councils and their need to communicate with their residents.

North Yorkshire County Council's bid states that ‘greater powers and funding will be passed to town and parish councils, in order for them to take control of local services and facilities. Something which they term creating as a revolution in localism. This means that local people across communities, market towns and parishes will be able to drive local change, local enterprise and local solutions.

However, with power there is a requirement to communicate effectively with the area in which you serve. There maybe a need to be more proactive in the communication delivered and possible a need to do more than publish minutes to meetings.

How can a website help?

The NCLA provided clarification in 2019 that "It is important that everyone can easily access information provided by local (town and parish) councils online" . This can be a one stop shop for residents to find out all they need to know about what is happening within the council and in the local area. However, it requires people to actively go on the site, and the site to be actively updated..

What can WCS do?

Our system offers features such as a newsletter system which means updates can be sent direct to the inbox of anyone who signs up to it. This will allow a closer relationship between council and residents. It, also, means you can access their views, opinions and needs easier. WCS also makes it easy to keep content up to date, and publish new updates as easily as creating a word processed document.

Find out how WCS could help you council at the Web Communication System Website.

Published: 23/07/2021 Published by: James Proctor

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